14DX/23007L - Vaud Gelade isl. IWI

Welcome to the information page of 14DX/23007L.

This page is mainly made to offer log-search, and general information.

Marc has activated Vaud Gelade island a few times now, in the past you might have worked Marc from this island using the call 14DX/VGI, this was due to the island hadn't been adobted in the DIFI programme until recently.

Marc will use the callsign 14DX/23007L for any re-visits to Vaud Gelade isl.

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14DX181 Mr Marc
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
20/05/2009: Vaud Gelade island, Inland Water Island.
11/08/2009: ( part 2 of 14DX/23007L )

Equipment used:
- antenna: Skypper & Antron 99
- radio: Icom IC-706
- microphone: original
- power: 100 Watt
- logsystem: "in the log"

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20/05/2009: 20 stations, from 7 DXCC's in log.
11/08/2009: 30 stations, from 8 DXCC's in log.

Pictures (also proof):
Click here to see pics of part 1 & part 2.

QSL design:
Click here to see the 14DX181 IWI Creuse Tour QSL design.

Audio recordings:
Click here to hear 14DX/23007L audio. (Notice: mp3 format - 56 Kbyte).
Click here to hear 14DX/23007L audio. TNX 47AT124 Palle (Notice: mp3 format - 11 Kbyte).

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