14DX/36001R - Ruffec IWI

Welcome to the information page of 14DX/36001R Ruffec island.

This page is mainly made to offer log-search, and general information.

Ruffec island is an island located on river Creuse, in dept. 36 at the Central part of France. It is included in 14DX181's IWI Summer Tour 2008.

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14DX181 Mr Marc
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
10/05/2008 to 11/05/2008
15/05/2008 to 15/05/2008
13/06/2008 to 13/06/2008
And probably later during summer 2008.

Equipment used:
- antenna: A99
- radio: ICOM 706MK2G
- microphone: Standard
- power: 50 Watt
- logsystem: "Signal Report exchange"

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Pictures (also proof):
Click on the thumbnails below for larger picture.

- PHOTOS OF 1ST ACTIVATION 14DX/36001R - 10 MAY 2008
Ruffec sign. River Creuse. Camping. Busy S-meter. Another proof.
14DX181. CQ CQ. Overview. GPS. Bridge.

- PHOTOS OF 2nd ACTIVATION 14DX/36001R - 15 MAY 2008
Ruffec post office. GPS location proof. Marc calling CQ. Next to Ruffec sign.

- PHOTOS OF 3rd ACTIVATION 14DX/36001R - 13 JUNE 2008
Ruffec entry sign. Ruffec park sign. Car park. Under camping sign.

Audio recordings:
Click here to hear 14DX/36001R CQ'ing. (Notice: mp3 format - 42 Kbyte).

QSL design:
1 DOUBLE QSL for all the islands activated during the Tour. You can wait to send your card till the tour is finished, and send all the cards (or log) in 1 envelope.

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