Welcome to the information page of the 14DX181 CREUSE IWI Tour.

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14DX181 Mr. Marc will activate many IWI's from his region, in fact he will activate islands also out of his region, in fact islands are not just limited to the river Creuse, any iWi from any river or lake will be on Marcs target list. The tour started with 14DX/VGI, his new tour will spread through Autumn 2008 and carrying on in 2009.

For this Creuse IWI Tour, one QSL will be printed to cover all isl's, so don't send your QSL straight away, if you contact multipule islands, you can send all the confirmations together to the DXRC-Bureau.
Marc will receive QSL's from the DXRC Bureau and confirm direct from France.

*UPDATE* - Marc's Creuse iWi Tour has now finished, he has received QSL's from the Printer, plus he has received some QSL's from the DXRC Bureau, so Marc will soon start to send out QSL's.

QSL design:
Click here to see the 14DX181 IWI Creuse Tour QSL design.

QRZ / Link to activity Webpage Start date Stop date
14DX/VGI Vaud Gelade isl. Part 1. 11/10/2008
Part 2. 17/10/2008
14DX/23008L Vergnolas isl. Part 1 03/11/2008 03/11/2008
14DX/23008L Vergnolas isl. Part 2 20/05/2009 20/05/2009
14DX/23007L Vaud Gelade isl. 20/05/2009 20/05/2009
14DX/23003L Soumeix #1 isl. 12/06/2009 12/06/2009
14DX/23004L Soumeix #2 isl. 16/06/2009 16/06/2009
14DX/23009L Masgrangeas isl. 26/06/2009 26/06/2009
14DX/23012L Cheix isl. Part 1 10/07/2009 10/07/2009
14DX/23012L Cheix isl. Part 2 13/07/2009 13/07/2009
14DX/23014R Chantemille #1 isl. Part 1 16/07/2009 16/07/2009
14DX/23015R Chantemille #2 isl. 16/07/2009 16/07/2009
14DX/23016R Chantemille #3 isl. 16/07/2009 16/07/2009
14DX/23017R Chantemille #4 isl. Part 1 16/07/2009 16/07/2009
14DX/23018L La Grand Prade isl. 20/07/2009 20/07/2009
14DX/23012L Cheix isl. Part 3 24/07/2009 24/07/2009
14DX/23002L Vauveix isl. 31/07/2009 31/07/2009
14DX/23002L Vauveix isl. Part 2 09/08/2009 09/08/2009
14DX/23007L Vaud Gelade isl. Part 2 11/08/2009 11/08/2009
14DX/23008L Vergnolas isl. Part 3 11/08/2009 11/08/2009
14DX/23014R Chantemille #1 isl. Part 2 14/08/2009 14/08/2009
14DX/23024L Le Mas isl. 27/08/2009 27/08/2009
14DX/23027L Petit Lac isl. 09/09/2009 10/09/2009