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Sprog island (Sprogų) belongs to the EU029 Iota group.
Located at the West coast of Sealand Island, between Sealand and Fyn island.

The island connects Fyn island and Sealand island by a freeway via a double bridge. It is not accepted to stay at the island. When I enter the island I have less than 30 minutes until the police and guards arrive. Therefore my visits will be extremely limited in time...

My first visit (September 10th) gave me 22 minutes at the island before the police came. With no propagation to EU I managed to work only 2 Danish stations.

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47DX002 Mr Soren.
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
Visit 1: 10/09/2007 to 10/09/2007.
Visit 2: ?/12/2007 to ?/12/2007.
Active on rare occasions, and only active for short time at each visit to the island.

Equipment used:
- antenna 1: DV27 L, vertical
- radio: Icom 706mk2G
- microphone: original
- power: 100 watts
- logsystem: "in the log"

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Visit 1: 2 stations, from 1 DXCC's in log (47) (= no propagation).

Pictures and film (also proof):
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Pictures from the island:
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Audio recordings:
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