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Bogoe island is located in the Storstrømmen Sea: 54°55N - 12°02E.
Connection to Bogoe is via the Faroe or Moen island bridges.

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47DX047 Mr Leif
47DX052 Mr Tom
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
10/12/2005 to 18/12/2005: 47DX/SJ023 Bogoe Island. (Iota EU-029 - Local Ref No° SJ-023).

Equipment used:
- antenna 1: 4 element widespaced Yagi on 11mt high mast
- antenna 2: ½ lambda Vertical on 9mt high mast
- radio: Yaesu FT1000MKV / Icom IC706MKII
- microphone: Heil Proset 4
- power : Ameritron AL572 1 KW+
- logsystem: "Signal Report exchange"

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200 stations, from 25 DXCC's in log.

Pictures (also proof):
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QSL design:
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Audio recordings:
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