Story 328/161DX016

Story from 328/161DX016 activity.

Before my journey, I had planned to visit Krk,Pag and Murter Islands... but ,when I was on Murter Isl, my friends John and Darran noticed that CI 551 Skoljic Isl it was very close to my base on Murter Isl. Thenext day I checked how to get to - it took about 20 min on foot and 5min by car - so I decided to go and try to activate . There was afantastic beach - so I had no any problems with my women The were smiled ....ufff.

My memories:
Krk Isl - fantastic weather , good prop - but horrible problems with my car at the end ... :-( (see on pics) Pag Isl .. - very beautiful place (island ) -fantastic plaza (beach) -as in Havai Islands - many young and busty suntanned girls - woow - BUT THE PROP THIS DAY WAS HORRIBLE the band totally closed - I spent 5 hours near the rtx and nothing :-( any qso - activation cancelled - sorry.

Murter Isl - my base and accomodation... when we arrived - I tried myequipment immediatly - I installed my moblile antenna on balcony and my Alinco "on" - and try RTX. Please believe me - I wasreally suprised - fantastic prop , signals and reports .. WOOW . I was suprised, because before I had thought I would have to use the mobile antenna on my car roof.
Due to this fact I had got the very confortable conditions to RTX fromMurter Isl -I could stay in my hotel room and rtx - mic on the one handand beer on the second one ...- and air conditioner was working - WOOW :-)

Skojlic Isl - small secluded beautifull place / island - worth to visit - you must be carefull to swim - difficult hart beach.

To sum up - I would like to say GREAT THANK YOU to Darran 047 & John 101 for their assistance. You are fantastic friends "in the shadow" - like always -THANKS !!

Best regards:
#161DX016 team:
MaC & EwA & Agnes