47DX/KI - Korshavn Island

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Korshavn island was separated from Avernakoe island until 1937, they now linked via a causeway and the idyllic Korshavn Bridge as it is called locally.

On the same weekend Jesper, Leif and Soren will be activating the neighbouring island of Avernakoe, this will be their base.

Soren will arrive first on Avernakoe, he will take this opportunity to drive onto Korshavn island via the causeway and then activate this island for some hours until Jesper and Leif arrive on Avernakoe. Soren will greet the team and return back to Korshavn the following day ( Saturday ) to carry on the activation. So 47DX/KI will be active Friday afternoon approx 13:30z for a couple of hours and also Saturday.

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47DX002 Mr. Soren
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
03/05/2013 - 04/05/2013: Korshavn isl. (new one on 11m)

Equipment used:
- antenna: Bamby
- radio: Yaesu FT-857
- microphone: Standard
- power: 100 Watt
- logsystem: "Readability and Signal report exchange"

Activity Contract:
See here a copy of the agreement the activation team has made with DXRC HQ.

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Activity Status: APPROVED (score 90)
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Pictures (also proof):
Notice please, that proofs from Korshavn island must be seen in conjunction with proofs from 47DX/FY010 Avernako island.
Please also refer to Google Earth Panoramio pictures to confirm validity of these uploaded photoes, thanks.

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QSL design:
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Audio recordings:
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